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Arabian gulf oil company is embarking on the implementation of important strategic projects

Mr. Mohamed Ben Shtwan, Chairman of the management of Arabian Gulf Oil Company, received( 22nd February 2018 )at his office the General Manager of the German company "Verostal", working in the field of oil and gas in Libya, his escorts and the Portuguese company working with them, and addition to mr. Osman yousef, financual and commercial director of Verostal. Shtwan welcomed and excited to start the project of exploiting the gas field of the almusala and alsrir which is one of the strategic projects in the environmental and economic field, it is one of the projects that the company had hoped to implement years ago, and has succeeded in the recent completion of the contract with the company VerstaL to implement this important project as soon as. Then
Mr. Al-Issawi, member of the Management Committee for Engineering, Projects and Manufacturing, welcomed them to talk more about the project, which is considered one of the most important and largest projects that will be held in the coming period in the Libyan fields in terms of environment and economy. The project aims to exploit gas instead of burning it, which is of great economic benefit to the company, well as the positive impact on the environment by the disposal of burning gas.