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Follow-up of the development projects of the Arabian Gulf Oil Company in the 91st contract area with the OMV team

The members of the OMV partner team conducted a visit to the Nafora field on Sunday, 10/10/2022 and lasted several days, accompanied by the heads of the technical teams of the contracting area.
A series of meetings were held with the heads and supervisors of the departments related to the projects being implemented, as well as conducting field visits to some sites as follows:
The project of installing gas turbines in the main pumping area accompanied by Mr. Adam Ashneev Maintenance Coordinator and Head of Technical Team Mr. Suleiman Idris, Mr. Hani Jebali, OMV Electrical Engineer Mr. Sorin Anghelescv and OMV Project Manager Mr. Christian Forberich to stop the progress of work represented in the stages of civil works,
Associated water treatment projects, which are one of the most important strategic priorities of the National Oil Corporation for Environmental Sanitation, accompanied by Mr. Meftah Chahout, Field Controller, Mr. Fahi Al-Barghthi, Operations Coordinator, and the representative engineer of the Austrian company, Mr. Gerhard Wirth, to follow up on the completion of the operation of the project at the plant 4-5-6 and to see some of the requirements for the modification of the accompanying water treatment system installed by the partner OMV
The visit also included the identification of the installation sites of the new gas compressors in Terminal 5 and 6 and the connecting points for all flow lines by the Operations Supervisors and Team Leader Mr. Ahmed Arhouma.
Scale calcareous sedimentation samples were also taken by operations supervisors and Mr. Yousef Al-Jaza from some wells to conduct some targeted tests for the flow quality assurance project

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